Friday, January 04, 2008

No excuse

It's been kind of a slow week. And by slow I mean I've only been in the office three days, limiting the amount of time I've spent on the world wide interwebs. So my usual cache of links is a little thin, but here we go anyway.

The big news is the first votes were finally cast in the presidential race -- Obama and Huckabee won in Iowa. Great headline from Fark: Obama to Hillary: Suck My Caucus. Here's an article about the Obama phenomenon from Rolling Stone political writer Matt Taibbi. Also of note, Huckabee is fucking insane. And here's what their victories might mean.

If that's all too serious for you, maybe this politician battle rap thread from Something Awful is more your cup of tea.

"Hearty Eaters" banned from buffet. No word on whether the restaurant was called the Fryin' Dutchman -- "Tis no man, 'tis a remorseless eating machine, Arr."

I am struggling to find anything interesting ... an asteroid might hit Mars? Whatever.

Uhh, how bout a video?

This post is dead to me.


charles said...

come for the freak, stay for the food

Anonymous said...

Are the goats pro-Edwards? We're all for Gravell, don't get me wrong--and I have a feeling you find Obama's cocaine history appealing--but I'm interested to see who the chooser of my media chooses in politics.

We am sheep.

In other news--season 4 of the Wire, which I'm watching now, is like the first time I played flip cup. I just finished disc one--I can't believe that broad from the group home cut open that other 8th grade broad's face. That's a long rehab ahead.

What else?