Friday, January 25, 2008

God bless the internet

You know, when I click on a link that says "bird poop in mouth" I expect it to deliver. That guy is an example of journalism at its finest. Out there on the front lines, braving all the bird shit in the world to tell you about some sort of bird infestation that no one cares about.

Moving on -- The Library of Congress has a flickr stream.

This reviewer uses nearly 3000 words to say Dane Cook sucks. I am officially convinced thatmaking fun of Cook is funnier than the man himself.

Conan vs. Colbert. It's funny because Mike Huckabee's candidacy is a joke.

There was some recession talk earlier this week. It wouldn't be so bad. Honestly, I am looking forward to it. Conservation would become popular out of necessity. I will fucking destroy people in Skip the Pump. But lets be honest, that extra 300 bucks coming from Congress will totally turn the economy around. Or not.

Journalism is all about the drinking
. I agree.

Sex with Robots? Soon, say nerds.

In other geek news, we have an open source a video recorder, whose makers are encouraging hackers to go to town on it. I'm not that technically savvy, but hey, gotta start somewhere. I can't wait to watch internet porn on my TV. What a strange and exciting future we live in!

That's it, I gotta go cause I'm totally burgin.