Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I miss Nitro

Why American Gladiators, Why? I watched about 10 minutes of NBC's shitacular remake on Sunday night and a little piece of me died inside. I remember loving the original American Gladiators -- watching on Saturday mornings, in between episodes of Saved by the Bell and, lets say, Disney's Adventures of the GummiBears.

Wherefore are thou, '80s production values? This new gladiators comes off like a crappy version of "Dog Eat Dog" what with its quick cut editing. Too stylized, I say! Too stylized!

And I had so much hope for this show. Maybe it needs more nerds? Because this video is pretty entertaining.

Actually I think the show needs some sort of Joe Roganesque host. A little acerbic wit could go a long way. From what I've seen, the contestants and gladiators take themselves way too seriously. I can't even enjoy it on an ironic level. Maybe the producers could get David Cross involved if they gave him enough money. Or perhaps Malibu is available. (Sidenote: Laila Ali is terrible. I never thought I'd long for the dulcet tones of Larry Csonka -- or Joe Theisman for that matter -- but here we are.)

Just one more childhood memory destroyed forever. Thanks NBC. I guess not all '80s remakes can be as enjoyable as Transformers. It takes are a delicate balance? Combining the flavor of the '80s with the style of today? Hrm.

Maybe I will give the new American Gladiators one more chance. After all it does have this guy. Unintentional comedy could be its saving grace. And Crush is pretty hot. But I fear that without the innocence of youth what was once corny and fun will now be corny and lame.

Oh well, at least I have the G.I. Joe movie to look forward to, right? Right?



charles said...

Bring back Mike Adamle.

Anonymous said...

What do you expect? Think of anything that was awesome in your childhood: movies, music, travel destinations, etc. Now go back and revisit that stuff. Rarely is it as cool now as it is in your memory. Best to not try and relive the memories because it will inevitably be disappointing. "What a drag it is getting older."