Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Janitors

Those of you who have some degree of online savvy may have noticed the appearance of a new type of video player interspersed in with all the Youtubes and the videos of people eating cinnamon by the spoonful. No, I'm referring to something called 'Redlasso' is sweeping the globe (of blogs). Due to my esteemed status as unpaid blogger who writes about stupid crap that is of no importance -- I have been granted oh so exclusive member status at this redlasso (also I asked for it).

So now if I want put up clips of the shitty local programming I was watching just now, I can. Rejoice! Barely understandable Reggie Evans interviews for all!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Stupid money

Got nothing today ... been devoting all my mental capacity to trying to determine a way to 'acquire' an XBox 360 and GTA IV, possibly by putting some sort of plea for paypal donations on this here goats. In the meanwhile, here's a couple links that you might find interesting. Or not, I really don't give a shit (unless you pay me).

Here's an article about the cognitive surplus filled by television and how we're just starting to realize that free time doesn't have to be killed. This concept of 'being productive' intrigues me. I like the idea that making up bullshit stories about penguins is better than watching VH1. Maybe inane, but not passive.

Speaking of whimsy, we've got this little guy. Also, this is amusing. It's almost enough to make me want to write a post.

Previously I mentioned how web quizzes can be of use. But some are too lazy to take quizzes/wait for flash to load/find the skip intro button. So here's something that you just have to look at (also more realistic/depressing than fighting 5-year-olds) -- the Earth Clock. Or along the same lines: Breathing earth.

I blame the American Empire.

Monday, April 28, 2008

The adventures of Pierre the Penguin

Once upon a time there was a penguin. His name was Pierre, even though he wasn't French. He was African. He tried to tell his hippy minders at the California Academy of Sciences about his true heritage, but they just called him a jackass.

Lo 25 years Pierre lived at the academy, where had no freedom with which to insult anyone. He and his fellow penguins were happy in their zoo-like enclosure, frolicking and doing whatever else it is that penguins do. Eat fish I guess.

But in his 25th year, Pierre began to have a bit of a problem. He was going bald.

His loss of feathers undermined his status as colony elder and patriarch. In fact, some of the younger penguins began to make light of his featherless ass. It was a sad time for Pierre, as he could not swim with incurring a horrendous chill.

His minder Pam was not going to let Pierre suffer forever. She knew Pierre's proud nature and bought him a heat lamp. It helped, but he still could not truly partake in the full penguin lifestyle. So Pam got in touch with some dude who makes wetsuits. After a custom fitting, Pierre was big pimping in his neoprene.

He returned to the colony where his new attire made him quite popular with the ladies. The wetsuit allowed him to frolic like a penguin half his age. His penguin brothers marveled at his newfound exuberance and stopped making fun of him. But they still only offered patronizing praise.

That all was about to change. Soon Pierre's feathers were growing back and he was able to banish from the colony his arch nemesis, Scuba Dog. It was only then that he truly regained his peers respect. For Scuba Dog had ruled the colony with an iron fist, constantly stealing the penguins eggs and requesting tacos. The End.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Don't worry, there's a pill for that

Came across this story the other day about these so-called 'super pills' that were supposed to cure everything from obesity to cocaine addiction. It seems their use could result in depression and suicide. Fair trade me thinks.

But seriously, when did it become OK to treat anything and everything with magic pills? Got heartburn? Don't eat less spicy foods, just take the purple pill. Can't sleep? Here's something that will help, don't worry about the side-effects. Old and can't get it up? You sir are in luck. Viva viagra indeed.

These so-called 'lifestyle' drugs just seem wrong (and this comes from someone who has been known to enjoy the drug lifestyle, if you know what I mean). People no longer have to change bad habits -- just take a pill that will do all the work for you. Same thing with trying to avoid the consequences of getting older. Guess what idiots: As you age your body will begin to break down. Despite what you see on TV, there is no cure for old.

Don't get me wrong, I ain't one of those Jesus-freak people whose kids die from curable diseases because they put the leeches on them. I am all for advances in medicine to solve health issues. Cancer, alzheimers, the AIDS, Parkinson's -- I could list legitimate reasons to take pills all day, many of which are in fact related to getting older. But there should be some differentiation between treating legitimate health problems that destroy lives, and helping some old rich white guy fuck his trophy wife and/or whores.

At this point you can probably guess where my rant is going -- corporations are to blame! In search of a cheap buck, pharmaceutical companies tend to come up with new drugs to treat every 'condition' under the sun, be it genetic, because you drink to much, or all in your hypochondriac head (cough, fibromyalgia, cough).

So now anyone who watches television is inundated with messages telling them to take these magical pills that treat everything from arthritis to herpes, with side effects that include loose stool, inability to concentrate, paralysis, and a tendency to vote Republican. Clearly it will all end well.

This rant brought to you by Bwain.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Cleaning out the queue

This one's for tmoney. I figured an easy post would be to copy and paste my returned movies off Netflix and then write an little something something about each. I may have mentioned a few of these here before, but fuck you.

Battlestar Galactica: The Miniseries - Getting into this, better late than never. This is the first 3 hours of the first season of the show. It's exciting to have an intelligent show with all its episodes stretched out in front of me. This is my Wire replacement. Mythical planet called earth indeed.

Bender's Big Score - It's new Futurama, what more do you need?

Zodiac - I enjoyed this. It was super long, which means it has to be good to hold the interest. Jake Gyllenhall is a newspaper cartoonist obsessed with catching the Zodiac killer back in '70s San Francisco. There's also the underrated Mark Ruffalo as a cop. Noirish period piece serial killer thriller police procedural with a journalism ethics hook. True story.

The Host - This flick is surprisingly awesome. You can never go wrong with a monstrous creature chasing down and eating asians. But it has more going on than just that -- there's themes of questioning authority and anti-Americanism. Highly recommend you check this one out. Plus did I mention it has asian people running from a giant monster?

City of God - Oh Brazilian child-gangsters, is there anything you won't do? Apparently not, after watching this. This 'based on a true story' tale of hoods growing up in the a Rio de Janiero slum is just outstanding if not for the faint of heart.

American Gangster - Yet another real good 'based on a true story' police procedural. But where Zodiac has the newspaper lens, this plays it straight cops and robbers. Worth seeing. I wish I could have made arrangements with drug operations in the middle of the jungle during the Vietnam war.

The King of Kong - Who knew the world of classic arcade games was so ruthless and cutthroat? This documentary explores how one laid-off engineer challenges a decades old Donkey Kong record high score held by hot-sauce magnate Billy Mitchell. But Mitchell isn't about to see his record fall without using all the leverage he has built up through his years of connections with the Twin Galaxies web site. This movie rules.

Black Snake Moan - Well this movie's marketing campaign could be summed up by 'scantily-clad Christina Ricci.' Which was good enough for me, but there is actually a lot more going on here I suppose. Blues guitarist Sam 'Lazarus' Jackson tries to help the sex-addict by chaining her to his radiator. Also, Justin Timberlake is a GI who suffers from anxiety attacks for some reason. 3 stars.

Hot Fuzz - See Here.

The Lookout - This bank heist caper centers around Joseph Gordon-Leavitt as a brain damaged high school jock turned janitor. You may remember him from Brick, or possibly as the kid in Third Rock from the Sun. It's a coming of age tale about a man coping with a life-changing disability by getting involved with dangerous criminals and hooking up with Isla Fisher. 'Whoever has the money has the power' makes a lot of sense.

Wet Hot American Summer - I recommend watching this with the 'more farts' track turned on.

A Scanner Darkly
- Blah blah, Philip K. Dick story about drugs, paranoia, mind control and government conspiracies made into digital animated film starring Keanu Reeves, Robert Downey Jr. and Wynonna Rider.

The Hoax - Retelling of Clifford Irving's fabrication of a Howard Hughes biography. Marked by solid performances by Richard Gere as Irving and Alfred Molina as Dick Suskind. Playing with facts is fun.

That's it for now, I got 'Half Nelson' in the mail today -- time to start rebuilding the list one drug addicted inner city teacher at a time.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's almost like some sort of 'rivalry'

A few late Mets-Phillies thoughts while watching Cheeseheads give Geoff Jenkins a standing ovation.

The only reason so many Mets fans show up at Phillies home games is because CBP is about 50 times better than Shea (plus it has fenced in escalators). And no, I've never been to Shea. I don't plan on going.

At the game on Saturday we were in full witness to the the bellig. I wanted to make a whole photo story post about it, but that didn't happen because I didn't take enough pictures. Also, I estimate that I drank for about 12 hours, which may be related. Highlights included this paraphrased exchange with a fat Mets fan across the aisle.
Me: How was September last year?
Fattie: How was getting swept in the playoffs?
Me: How was not making the playoffs?
This went on for a while. Then things took a personal turn.
Fattie: I want my tablecloth back. (referring to the shirt I was wearing, which I guess resembles a tablecloth)
Me: I bet you do! (excessive obnoxious laughter)
Fattie: /leaves game early

But the real news is that we've finally got definitive proof that Mets fans are retarded.

See you all in hell!

Thank god that's over

pic unrelated

Welp, the PA primary is finally done. Now I can get back to updating this blog with some regularity. Or not, we'll see how it goes. Because the election is over now right? What's that? Still seven months until the general? Christ.

But before we get back to our regularly scheduled program of poorly thought-out rants and pictures of ducks -- here are few observations from the past 6 weeks:

-It's fun to say 'Hitlery' rather than Hillary just to see if people pick up on it. Few do.
-Obama is a hopemonger.
-Everyone involved in the Clinton campaign is an asshole.
-The AP put a story about the Obama girl voting on the wire. Total coverage.
-Speaking of coverage, the traveling press corps resembles a horde of locusts or possibly orcs with cameras.
-Young people like Obama. Old people like Hillary.
-Voting in primaries is for suckers.
-I saw Obama, Bill and Hillary all in person. They all say the same fucking thing. But Obama says it with more better.
-My raw hatred for politics has returned. I really fucking hate it and anyone involved. A lot.
-All hail Emporer McCain!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Just gotta hoop

Improbable win? Today redemption is spelled R-E-G-G-I-E.
/drops mic, walks off camera

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Uhhhhh ...

Lets take a look back at some things I found entertaining/horrifying this week while weaning myself off my car.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Superman fucking blows.

In what is her problem news: This is not healthy. This is not healthier. That second one may or may not be a hoax.

Is America ready for a sarcastic president? After watching video of Obama offering a reaction to the terrible ABC debate on Wednesday, I say yes. Brush those shoulders off indeed.

Clearly George and Charlie didn't listen to the keynote address at the broadcasters convention. Oh Tim Robbins, you had me at "pornographic obsession with celebrity culture."

How one woman learned to stop worrying and learn to love the recession. Mmmmm, beans. They are the musical fruit.

For a music video this week we've got Saul Williams' cover of U2's Sunday Bloody Sunday. It's from Williams most recent album 'The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggy Tardust' which is produced by Trent Reznor and you can download for 5 dollars.

How bout a Raymond Carver style narrative about Pat Riley scouting Michael Beasley? Approve.

WC Fields quotes are awesome

That's all I got, I'll leave you with some of the hilarious dangers of being a TV reporter.

Some CDs I got recently

Considering the triumphant return of the book club, but not today. Instead I'll offer a look at some albums I recently acquired and have been listening to. Have you heard about this thing called online shopping? You can get anything shipped right to your door, without even putting on pants! Also apparently there is something called 'emusic' which you can somehow get in your computer. Yeah.

Also this provides the opportunity to break out my convoluted 'skip' rating system first described at the end of this post. In summary, the less skips the better.

Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend
Apparently I got this album in and attempt to be a cool-than-thou hipster. Only I came way to late to the party, and all the real hipsters have moved on to far more obscure bands that don't have hitlists on MTV hits. Also their bassist is Scott Baio's nephew for some reason. It's kind of a weird record. Poppy beats and African rhythms matched with light, almost Caribbean type guitars and clever faux british-invasion vocals. I have no idea what that means or if it's even accurate, but you can probably dance to this album. Also 'Vampire Weekend' may well be the dumbest band name ever -- according to wikipedia it comes from a film they made about trying to escape from vampires on Cape Cod. Why not?
Notable tracks to me: Oxford Comma, I Stand Corrected, Walcott
Goats rating: 2 skips

Burial - Untrue
According to a Pitchfork review I just read, this kind of music is called 'dubstep' which is an offshoot of 'two-step' which was a short-lived genre in the UK incorporating elements of grime and bassline house. OK now I remember why I don't read Pitchfork. I was just going to call this drum and bass. Silly me. But yeah, this album is pretty good. Not the kind of thing I usually listen to -- kind of ambient, no real 'melody' per se. For some reason I always put it on when I'm driving in the rain. The best way I could describe it is the tracks kind of blend together into a mish-mash of overlapping beats and quasi-distant vocals.
Notable track - Archangel
Goats rating: 4 skips

LCD Soundsystem - Sound of Silver

This album is really fucking good. It's like some sort of electro-punk, with maybe some little disco, and a little singer-songwriter thrown in for good measure. The lyrics are interesting and thought-provoking, the tunes are catchy, and the arrangements are fantastic. Listening to it makes me want to move to New York, or at least out of the suburbs. This is particularly true on the electronic anti-idiot American anthem 'North American Scum' and somber piano ballad 'New York, I love you (But your bringing me down)'. It's like an electronic record made entirely with analog machines (that is to say, musical instruments). I could write a whole post about this album, and if I wasn't a year late on it, I probably would.
Notable tracks: (besides those previously listed) All My Friends, Us v Them, Someone Great, shit they are all good
Goats rating: 0 skips

Nada Surf - Lucky
I bought this album on a whim, and it was a mistake. I wanted to get Spoon's Ga ga ga ga ga ga (more ga?) but they didn't have it at the Buy where I had a gift certificate. So I went with this, which is somehow shittier despite being basically the same sound. The lead singer is too fucking whiny. I should have seen this coming from back when I bought High/Low after hearing the megahit 'Popular' and then was horribly disappointed. Is is possible for a one-hit wonder to put out 5 albums and be around for more than 10 years? I like this band only in theory.
Notable tracks: See These Bones, Whose Authority
Goats rating: 10 skips

Murder By Death - Red of Tooth and Claw
Thanks to dr.gpiece and Charles for pointing this band out to me. I totally thought it was going to be all screamy and what not, but I was wrong. The lead singer kind of sounds like Johnny Cash, and there is also a cello player for some reason. Of course with a band name like Murder by Death, you know its gonna be dark. The album is all one narrative (I think), of some guy who apparently travels back to some town, kills a bunch of people, fucks bitches, gets imprisoned, burns shit down, and then leaves? I dunno. It's no concept album about demons laying siege to a Mexican town.
Notable tracks: Rumbrave, Steal Away, Spring Break 1899
Goats rating: 2 skips


Beware goats' natural enemy, the eagle.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The worm turns

Well, that was exciting. The Phils scored four runs in the bottom of the ninth last night to beat the mighty(?) Astros 4 to 3. It was a pretty amazing finish -- Geoff Jenkins scored the winning run from first on a ball hit down into the corner by Pedro Feliz. It's debateable whether or not Jenkins was actually safe, but after the luck the Philly teams have had of late, the fans will most assuredly take it. Especially after watching 8 innings of their team being shut out by the force that is Shawn Chacon.

Yeah he was probably out. But its nice to see a call go our way after the abortion that was the Cavs-Sixers game on Monday night, and the phantom homerun by the Cubs of all teams over the weekend. Stupid minibears. Also, Jose Reyes was out at the plate last week.

All in all, a good way to start the week -- the team needs to get in form for this weekend's big series with the Mets. The weather is getting warmer too -- I'm sure we fans'll be full o' bellige. I will be drunk and possibly surly at Saturday's game (4 pm start means plenty of time to tailgate beforehand).

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

One of life's great mysteries solved!

There are any number of web sites dedicated to problem solving and making the world a better place. The interactivity of these nets is one of the biggest assets of the world wide web.

It allows people to get involved in ways heretofore unthought of ways. Mostly through quizzes. Take this site for instance. It allows people to input information about their lifestyle, and learn how many earths we would need if everyone lived like them (3.91 for me, which apparently is below the U.S. average).

These kinds of interactive sites allow users to connect with their electronic machines, and each other. Or something. But what better way to tackle some of life's most profound questions. Not whether or not their is a God, or what is man's purpose on earth. No this is a query that has haunted us for eons and stumped the greatest thinkers, from Galileo to Einstein.

The question is: How many five-year-olds could you take in a fight?

Think about it. It's not easy. At what point do their sheer numbers overwhelm your superior strength, intelligence and fighting ability? Well, one man set out to answer that question once and for all, with a little quiz. I took it, and I am pleased with the results.

Maybe I don't have anything to fear -- I could take out a whole kindergarten class with my bare hands. My willingness grab a kid and swing him by his feet as a weapon surely would prove beneficial.

Monday, April 14, 2008


The other day I was in the sporting goods store looking for a new cup and I spotted the old wifflebat-ball combo. And of course I bought them along with a an extra ball. Just a great game. Making up pitches, arguments over what is or isn't a hit, so many facets.

As tmoney will sure remind you, back in the day we used to have some epic games out in the quad in front of NUKE. The highlight of my wiffle career has to be one particular time when we played a game at 5:30 am after a night of debauchery (Fishing rod? Opium? John Adams?). I believe we were staying up to watch the US play in the 2002 World Cup. I hit a homerun in my first at-bat, and then struck out every time for the rest of the game.

I poked around on the internodes and there is some amusing stuff out there -- for example people getting into wikipedia arguments about whether little Susie's triple should be a part of the online encyclopedia. And of course the

Clearly I don't have much of a point, except to say: Anybody want to play Wiffleball? I got the equipment.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Dalai Lama Mickey Mouse

Consider the drug war won

So the other day I was watching this mockumentary called Stoners in the Mist.

Now there have been a lot of hilariously ineffective anti-drug campaigns. From Devil Weed propaganda films back in the day to I learned by watching you to this is your brain on drugs to you will shoot everyone you care about if you smoke pot to blowing rails of your brain there is a long and storied history of idiotic anti-drug campaigns in this country.

What all these anti-drug campaigns miss is one oh so important fact. Drugs are cool. No government-issued propaganda will ever change that. In fact, you could argue that these anti-drug campaigns have the opposite of their intended effect -- ie make rebellious youngsters wonder what all the fuss is about. When you make drugs seem mysterious and scary, the cool kids are going to be drawn to them. The only ones who the anti-drug people reach with most of these ads are the squares who are too lame to try drugs anyway.

But this new 'stoners in the mist' thing actually seems like it was put together by someone who actually has knowledge of the drug culture. Observing the stoner in their native habitat of their parents basement. That is mildly amusing. Whoever put this together might have actually tried drugs. Or at least read Fear and Loathing. Kudos sirs: you finally made an anti-drug campaign that is entertaining to people on drugs. Sure users have long enjoyed anti-drug ads on an ironic level -- but this like satire of a parody. Or something. I can't really be sure cause I'm a little high right now.

Does this mean I'm politically engaged?

Apologies to my two regular readers for not posting anything of substance this week. It's been long. But I should be able to put some stuff up here today with varying degrees of tweedy pertinence. Not filler.

First a reason for goat neglect. On Wednesday Barack Obama was at a local high school for one of his trademark "town hall" style rallies. It could be considered a job perk that I got to attend video camera in hand. Pretty cool actually, even if we members of the working press had to wait around for 5+ hours for Obama to show up.

Now I have not been to any political rallies before. It's not really my nature to care. But this was something, almost a rock concert-type atmosphere. Obama volunteers call and response going back and forth -- "Ba-Rack O-Bam-A" "Yes We Can" -- and there was even a wave going around at one point.

Clearly Obama supporters are the coolest. Well, at least the one guy who I know from back in our days working together delivering pizzas at Rons. In the days before he became big in the Obama campaign I harbor suspicions that he stole my weed. But that's neither here nor there.

Upon Obama's entrance he went around shaking hands with the crowd, which was hilarious to watch on video with no sound after the fact. Members of the crowd are straining and reaching. And if Obama provides even the slightest of contact it's like the touch of god. You can almost hear the shrieks of I TOUCHED OBAMA as they jump up and down like they won the lottery. You can watch it here, with more of my "awesome" voiceover work.

Maybe that is only amusing to me, but its a way better story than the conversation I had with an AP photographer in which he asked me if knew anything about "e-music" whatever that means. I should have responded "like on the tubes?"

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Gary Matthews: Annoying?

There are a few ideas in my head for posts, but unfortunately there's no time to put anything together this morning due to assorted "town hall meetings" and "all-area" teams. Instead I will post this video of Shane Victorino and Jayson Werth running into each other, hugging, and then falling down. But HE MADE THE CATCH

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Rock, Chalk, etc.

Well I didn't watch the end of the NCAAs last night, stupid 9:22 tipoff/east coast time zone garbage. Whither the days of my 11-6 schedule. Count yourself lucky if you watched Super Nintendo Chalmers hit that game winning tying shot -- which more importantly and improbably propelled my 'Slim Charles' bracket entry to second place in our office pool.

All that's neither here nor there. But we can all enjoy a little One Shining Moment until the copyright police take it down.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Unite or Die

Been watching the HBO miniseries on our second president -- it's interesting stuff for sure. The rivalries and contentions between the different state delegates, Jefferson and Hamilton and other countries aplenty.

Paul Giamatti does a pretty good job of portraying Adams, if we are to believe that Adams was a hangdog wine aficionado promoter of liberty.

Watching these men who are now known as 'founding fathers' struggle with the questions of independence is pretty compelling. In the most recent installment, the French Revolution is a source of some trepidation for President George Washington and his advisors. Jefferson sees all revolutions as one and the same -- that a fledgling America is brothers in arms with the French (plus he loves that sweet French ass). But Alexander Hamilton, that anglocentric bastard, thinks the US should remain neutral so as not to piss off the Brits.

"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." -Jefferson

Adams is kind of a mediator. Level-headed and straightforward, carefully considering everything when it comes to America. Unfortunately this devotion does not extend to his family, which mostly gets left behind and neglected while he's off building a new country. Isn't that always the way.

Laura Linney is really good too as Adams' wife Abigail. She serves as his moral compass with progressively more elaborate hairstyles. It's interesting to see how different gender roles were back then. At one point Abigail even says she would be out in front of the revolution if she were a man.

All in all, kudos to this miniseries for allowing us to look back at a time when America was just beginning. Gives some interesting perspective on life today. Like how we don't have to worry about smallpox and interstate travel is cheap and fast.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Great Success!

Here's some crap I found while looking for the owls.

April fools pranks are common on the intra-nets -- gmail had something with the ability to manipulate time (not as good as TISP) and there were numerous others that I don't care to list. In fact, some sites did their pranks on April 2 just to get the jump on unsuspecting nerds. For example, this one: Pregnant teens, heroin addicts cry foul over Times Online editorial comparing them to gamers.

Here's an interesting list about useful things to learn that aren't taught in schools. I use the 80/20 rule all the time. You see, it only appears that I'm lazy.

News you can use: Drinking coffee everyday protects your brain.

Forty years ago today, Martin Luther King was assassinated, what this article presupposes is, what if he wasn't? Way to get story ideas from adult swim shows that aired two years ago, ABCnews.

They really shouldn't make Dr. Seuss books into movies.

I've often wondered when Lil Jon would release a line of delicious wines on his own label? Well, my prayers have been answered.

That's all I got -- enjoy this ridiculous video of the Leningrad Cowboys & Red Army Choir performing "Sweet Home Alabama" for some reason.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

New Hotness: Olympic boycott

This summer's olympics in China is sure to be ripe with political messages and agendas. After all, the country is a still totalitarian communist regime (or socialist paradise) when not exporting bajillions of knick-knacks and do-dads.

Some of the stories coming out about how the Chinese are preparing for the event are ridiculous. Weather machines? Or how bout this quote:

"The problems that exist in Beijing, such as traffic jams and environmental pollution, are things we have to solve, whether we are hosting the Olympics or not. Preparing for the Games should allow us to bring solutions to these problems ahead of schedule."
It's almost like they are seeking some sort of "final solution" to their problems.

Genocide aside, most of the opposition to China's policies centers around human rights abuses and their treatment of Tibet. I'm sure you've all heard the ubiquitous "Free Tibet" chants of many a hippy, possibly while in a tree. The conflict between Tibetan monks and the Chinese government is a long and complicated one, and it has recently flared up with violence once again.

Whether this has anything to do with Chinese soldiers dressed as monks is questionable. As is where exactly the root of the conflict lies. Some say communism. Others, buddhism. Here's a compelling piece about the monks resisting the commercialization (and rape) of their culture.

And now the option of an olympic boycott is on the table (thanks Pelosi!). Last week I came across this Slate article, which makes a compelling case for the politicization of the Olympics. I support it. As does Steven Spielberg and some random Indian soccer player. Clearly it is gaining momentum -- just ask this monk.