Wednesday, January 02, 2008

It begins

Well I already watched the first episode of the new season of The Wire -- available On Demand one week before it airs. Huzzah! The newsroom stuff seems promising. You can see series creator David Simon's experience coming through.

Anyway, not going to get into the new season yet.

I've been considering the most depressing event of the first four seasons. None of these compares in wrist-slitting sadness to the end of Jurassic Bark, but instead the gritty realism does something or other.

As always, sorry to those who don't watch this show. Seriously, I'm sad that you have not made time for the best show ever broadcast on American television. Go watch Dancing with the Stars, you fucks.

In no particular order (big spoiler alert):

D'Angelo killed in prison - "That's a life that had to be snatched."

Kima gets shot - Rawls comforting McNulty was a great scene

Bodie kills Wallace - "Be a fucking man!"

Sobotka killed by the Greek - Agent Koutris is a jerk

Bodie shot dead on his corner - like a soldier, standing tall to the end

Carcetti sells out the citizens of Baltimore for political gains - fucking bastard

Randy goes back to the group home - "You're gonna look out for me, Sergeant Carver? You got my back huh?"

Bubbles - his life sucks, everything he does is depressing. When can a junkie catch a break?

Nicky Sobotka's duck dies - probably shouldn't have given it shots of Jameson