Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Flying Babies!?!

I came across this photo this morning on the wire, and it deeply concerns and frightens me. Apparently John McCain has enlisted some sort of airborne baby army to spread his "I was tortured" message across the country.

I can just picture the horror on April 22nd when a horde of infants swoops into Pennsylvania for the primary like a plague of locusts, consuming everything and sparing no one. Oh the humanity.

What's even more disturbing is this aerial menace appears to be spreading around the globe. That story may say that the baby was thrown by its parents to escape a fire. Don't be fooled by the spin of the liberal media. Not only can that baby fly -- it apparently has developed an imperviousness to fire.

I'll be stocking up on pacifiers, Wiggles DVDs and "blankies" in hopes of stemming this inevitable tide of horrible, horrible toddlers. Be afraid America, judgement day is coming. Vote McCain, or prepare for the preemie scourge.


E-roc said...

I'm making a home-made flak gun... like a potato cannon with nails in it.