Friday, February 08, 2008

Ant no party ...

Here we are, the week that was the first week in February. Let's take a look at some shit I found when not avoiding a newborn pestilence.

Baseball is coming up sooner rather than later. Pitchers and Catchers report for the Phils on Feb. 13. That means its time for those of us who will be frequenting the left field bleachers at Citizens Bank Park to start thinking of creative heckles. Fortunately for us, the Heckler's Prospectus does our research for us. Take this for example:

Lee, Carlos - Did you know that his nickname "El Caballo" actually means "Elevated Horse Cock" in Spanish? Well, just assume it does and go from there. In order to get your sure-to-be-hilarious visual aids into the ballpark, disguise them as innocent inflatable bats. Bonus tip: A windbreaker and a few bags of popcorn can easily pass for a scrotum. Just ask your aunt, who is presumably a whore.
Also kinda baseball-related, here's video of Shane Victorino at the Philadelphia Car Show for some reason (Firefox no).

Bacon Candy? Praise Jebus!

This is an interesting little article about Calvin and Hobbes as a precursor to fight club. I was surprised to see how many parallels can be made.

In a cruel twist of fate, it was determined earlier this week that sippin on the syrup actually contributed to the death of Pimp C.

This week in fan-made videos we have a little Radiohead action. Finally replaced my missing copy of OK Computer yesterday -- to celebrate, enjoy check out this animation of the Stephen Hawking-style vocal track "Fitter, Happier."

For my next vacation, I want to go to the plastic soup in the Pacific Ocean. Oh it will be glorious. Maybe I'll find some sort of Mr. Sparkle-type artifacts.

That's it, I'm going to go craft some completely sane, rational rants against Barack Obama. Enjoy the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Sharp, Mr. Billingsley and Ms. Moss:

I do not subscribe to The Ottawa Herald. I don't live in Ottawa and have never been there. Hell, I've never even been to Kansas.

But as an American, a one-time journalist at a community newspaper and --- perhaps most of all --- as a reasonable, educated human being, I ask you this: Are you kidding? Seriously. Are you kidding?

Did you actually publish that sad, racist, xenophobic, hateful and libelous excuse for a "Community Viewpoint" column?

If that is truly the viewpoint of your community, I urge you to pack your bags and leave town because your practice of journalism is surely a lost cause.

Certainly, every town in this fair country is home to more than a few folks who choose to fill their heads with the kind of Neanderthal musings that Mr. Sillett so shockingly laid forward. The difference is that most places don't give them free reign in the public square, much less pay for their microphone.

Who were the editors that allowed this work to be set to type? Did Mr. Sillett's viewpoints even give them pause? I am all for the free and unedited airing of ideas, but this work was not only atrociously bigoted, it was wholly inaccurate.

Having once worked as a reporter at a smallish community newspaper, I know that your staff works hard against long odds to produce a product that they and the community as a whole can be proud of. But this incident, I regret to inform you, has far overshadowed those many laudable efforts.

I urge you, therefore, to fully repudiate Mr. Sillett's views on the front page of your newspaper, so that all can see how you truly regret this horrendous lapse in judgment. Anything less would be nothing short of cowardly.


Ed Fanselow
Chicago, Ill.

Sean said...

I feel like that Obama article must be a joke. It doesn't make sense that people actually believe that stuff.

Maybe it's like 1984 shit where facts no longer have meaning and truth is determined by consensus for these people. Like on Wikipedia. Quick, lets go double the African elephant population!