Friday, March 06, 2009

Oh right, Watchmen

So it opens today. Here's part of a "negative" review.

WATCHMEN is a repulsive, mediocre, long movie filled with gory violence, graphic sex, extreme nudity, and other immorality. Audiences have never seen so much gore, blood, sex, and sadism, especially in a major action movie meant for a mainstream audience. Ultimately, WATCHMEN strongly affirms humanist, socialist, anti-American values promoting a socialist utopia where liberty, justice and goodness are destroyed for the sake of a totalitarian peace.

At least there's the inevitable Saturday morning cartoon.


Anonymous said...

The loincloth robs Doctor Manhattan of his nudity...and his power.

Teaching Jesus' Son today--best book ever. A mind like the goats would enjoy it, which is a bit ironic, since the goats' mind also hates being told what to consume.