Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jason Schwartzman is King of the Hipsters

Holy fuck, YouTube uses iframe embeds now. Truly a wondrous future we live in. I just tried watching this video repeatedly for goat inspiration, it failed. So instead a meager plea to follow me on twitter, that's where the hastily-typed action is these days, now that I have a "mobile device." The goats is now primarily for long-form blogging. **punches self in solar plexus**


Anonymous said...

And queen of summertime...I mean king!

Seriously though. He is what's new and hip. Or whatever his character Gideon said at the end of that movie that was similar to the Big Lebowski. Or was, it Goats!?!!

Yeah I got nothin.

Anonymous said...

Also, your tragically Canadian sensibilities. I forgot about that.